woensdag 3 februari 2010

Support The Underground Sound Movement


I'm Olaf alias Korrupt, originally from Caribbean and the area of Rotterdam, Holland. All I love to do is to spread the bass-virus that has been murkin' the world the past decade(s). Blasting nasty bass out of my speakers has changed my life and made me realize what music can do for and with people.

With this blog, I want to share my love for this music with you and all the bassheads out there. I love to promote, produce and mix music myself and will definately keep you guys posted with the nastiest music out there. This will include some of my own future productions, mixes and rave and free-party reviews.

I also want to invite people to share their stories and reviews. Stay tuned! Last but not least, I want to finish off with a big up to all the people who keep the underground movement move forward! You know who you are, the revolution is now!




Let's start off at the top of the rollercoaster! 16Bit dropping some nasty bassbombs on the planet?

Tip: Press 480p instead of 360p for a high quality sound! Enjoy ;)